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What cover, color & paper options will I have for my journal through KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to create paperback books in a variety of sizes (standard print sizes and even custom ones!) and choose between a glossy or matte cover finish. You can also decide on a black and white or color interior (although color will result in higher printing costs) and bright white or cream paper. Spiral Bound are not available at this time but the journals are high quality with bright white paper that works great for planners, workbooks, and anything you might want to create! 

BIG NEWS! KDP is now offering hardcover options! The course is currently being updated to include processes and tutorials for hardcover options! So exciting! (The photos below show 7x10 hardcover planners in both a matte and glossy finish with bright white paper)

Ink & Paper Options:

KDP allows you to create your journal with either bright white or cream interior pages with the following ink options:


  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) cream paper
  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) white paper
  • Premium color ink and 60# (90 GSM) white paper
  • Standard color interior with 55# (90 GSM) white paper


  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) cream paper
  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) white paper
  • Premium color ink and 60# (90 GSM) white paper

How is this course structured? Do I need to attend LIVE Calls?

The course is self-paced meaning that all materials are available to you instantly upon enrollment. When you enroll you'll get access to the membership area with all materials available to you to go through as fast (or as slow) as you'd like :)

Once a year we run a LIVE Round of the course with Weekly Q&A Calls. These LIVE Calls happen via Zoom in addition to the on-demand materials. This is also a time to go through materials together with other students as a group and get to know other journal creators.

All of the calls are recorded and replays are added to your course library within 24 hours. You can always submit questions ahead of time if you can't make the call times.

As a student, you'd get access to all of these live sessions at no additional cost. Many students join each round for additional help and support and to hear ideas from other students. 

Our Next LIVE Round Kicks off FALL 2024 (September, exact dates TBD).

  • Call times are typically held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM London
  • Replays are sent out same day

Feel free to jump in with us! Students get support for all stages of the process regardless of when you begin.

Will this course work for me if I'm outside of the US? What countries does KDP Support?

Yes! Students have published their planners from all over the world!

The KDP platform allows you to ship worldwide and you can publish your own journal from most countries. When you self-publish through KDP, your journal is eligible for global distribution, meaning it will appear on Amazon sites in Japan, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Canada, etc.

Here's a breakdown of Amazon Country Sites:


And the countries each supports: 

  • US Kindle Store: United States
  • UK Kindle Store: United Kingdom (including Guernsey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Jersey)
  • DE Kindle Store: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
  • FR Kindle Store: France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg
  • ES Kindle Store: Andorra, Spain
  • IT Kindle Store: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland
  • JP Kindle Store: Japan
  • NL Kindle Store: Netherlands
  • BR Kindle Store: Brazil
  • MX Kindle Store: Mexico
  • CA Kindle Store: Canada
  • IN Kindle Store: India
  • AU Kindle Store: Australia, New Zealand

Customers located in the available territories not listed here can purchase your book from the US Kindle Store, or

So for example, if you published your journal in Spain, you'd set up your account through but your journal would also be listed on all of the above sites worldwide so you'd make sales from anywhere people make their purchase!

Please keep in mind that ever-changing international trade regulations, Brexit, and other barriers may exist that may make ordering proofs or author copies of your journal difficult. I cannot guarantee that your country will support shipping/receiving of materials to your home. Please check with your countries trade regulations if you have questions.

What kind of journals can I create with KDP?

The possibilities are truly endless! Students have created Plant Planners, Novel Writing Planners, Therapy Journals, Running Logs, Moon Phase planners, planners and journals for entrepreneurs, you name it! Inside PWP I'll help you come up with, fine tune, and choose an idea to move forward with along with everything you'll include inside your interior pages. Check out the Planner Publishing Guide for even more ideas and interior page examples.

Can I use this course to self-publish a book or novel?

You can absolutely use the same process I teach to create & self-publish your novel and sell it on Amazon and several students have! However, this course focuses on creating actionable journals and planners and won't cover writing a book, creating a compelling story, editing, or anything to do with the writing process involved in writing a book.

How long will I have access to course materials?

You will have perpetual LIFETIME access to all program materials, live calls, and recordings, meaning that you can create journals and planners over and over again with the same support & process. I know, amazing!

Can you show me some examples of what interior pages can look like?

Absolutely! Here are a few shots of the interior pages from my Mindful Productivity Guide.

What software will we use to create my journal?

Publish with Purpose includes tutorials on how to use Canva and Apple Keynote which are free to use. You are free to use Adobe or any other design software you choose but we focus on those two free tools.

Will you help me come up with (or fine-tune) my journal/planner idea?

YES! Inside Module one, I walk you through a 50-minute Journal Idea Generation training and it will blow your mind. Students have told me that they started with one semi-focused idea and left the training with over 15 ideas for journals and planners! We will also walk through ways to implement your journal or planner idea into your business model to help drive sales throughout your business ecosystem! You'll never be alone in the process inside our Facebook Group. Tag me anytime for additional assistance!

How much does it cost to use KDP and self-publish my journal?

KDP is free to use and when you publish through them, your journal is listed for free right on Amazon! No sellers fees like Amazon Seller accounts require. In PWP, we'll be using Canva & Apple Keynote which are both free to use (keep in mind that advanced features in Canva require a pro account but a 14-day trial is available). Apple Keynote is free on Mac computers and in iCloud). Apart from any design elements you may wish to purchase, and proof copies you order before publishing to Amazon, your overhead to create your journal will be very minimal. I personally spent $50 to launch my original planner and most students spend about the same creating their journals.   

Does this course include Closed Captions (CC) / Subtitles on videos?

Yes! All of our videos within the course include CC that you can turn on or off. All videos have playback speed options as well.

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