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I’m Sarah Steckler,
Productivity Strategist & Host of the Mindful Productivity Podcast. I help creative entrepreneurs get organized, stay productive, and turn their ideas into epic podcasts and beautiful planners & journals.

Over the years I've created a handful of journals to help you stay Mindfully Productive. These include 100 Life Challenges, The Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book, and the Mindful Productivity Guide.

Creating your own journal or planner gives your audience a tangible way to connect to you and the work you do in the world. Taking your ideas, strategies, and prompts and turning them into a physical journal gives your students, clients, and community members the ability to implement what you teach and change their daily life.


Why Publish a Planner

Planners are a part of your customer journey

Having a planner or a journal on Amazon can serve as the gateway into your audience finding you, learning from you, and gaining valuable skills from your insights and what you teach.

A planner sale can lead to a new podcast subscriber, Instagram friend, business bestie, customer, student, client, or dream collab buddy!

Popular Planners

Here are some of the most popular planners I've created and continue to sell through Amazon!

Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book

The Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book provides daily brain dump templates to declutter your mind and boost your mental energy. Daily Productivity Pages guide you to map out your daily focus projects and target tasks so you can stay organized, focused, and productive!


Mindful Productivity Guide

The Mindful Productivity Guide is an undated planner that will guide you toward planning with intention on your terms. Start (and pause) your planning when you need to. Let go of feeling like you're "behind" because you missed a week. Work through your schedule as life ebbs and flows.


Finding Your Way: A Guided Journal

Finding Your Way is a guided journal that helps you find your inner voice and lead from a place of grounded purpose. Each page contains guided seed sentences that will help you bring awareness around various themes in your life including decision making, intuition, & focus.



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