Let's Publish your Planner!

Learn How to Create, Format, & Self-Publish Your Paperback or Hardcover Journal or Planner on Amazon in 60 Days or Less!


It's the future and I have a message for you!

You've published your own journal or planner in 60 days!

People are buying it and talking about it all over the interwebs!

You now have a physical product people can buy!

And it's so beautiful!

You've created all of this yourself and you did it in two months!

This can be YOU!

Students inside Publish with Purpose have been crushing it since this program started in 2019 and you can do the same thing!

What You'll Learn When You Enroll in Publish with Purpose:

  • Everything you need to know about using Kindle Direct Publishing effectively & efficiently (without spending hours trying to search through help files), & how you get paid! 🕰 💰
  • How to generate (or fine-tune) your profitable and high-value journal idea & weave it into your business model. 👩🏻‍💻
  • Tools & trainings to help you become an idea generation machine! 💡
  • How to market, publish, and launch your journal sustainably without burning yourself out 🌳 and while building hype and excitement with your audience (+ avoiding paid ads)
  • How to create EPIC content for recurring journal sales 😍 so you can turn your project into "passive" income. (We all know passive income still takes work but I'll show you how to make it fun & easy!)

🤩 Watch How Easy it is to Customize Your Planner Pages!

✨ New Canva Planner Page Templates!

Inside Publish with Purpose you'll now find a growing library of customizable Canva templates & tutorials to choose from to easily get your journal or planner started! All templates have been tested & pre-approved within KDP to ensure margin requirements! 💛

Take it from Amanda!

If you are confused about the best way to move forward, what to fill your planner pages with, or any part of the process, Publish with Purpose is worth investing in.

You will walk away with all the knowledge you need to know to succeed on KDP. I have taken so many courses as an online creator, and this has to be my favorite.

If you want to create high-value journals, this is the course to be in.

-Amanda Cross, Author of Client Calls Simplified & The Ambitious Freelancer Planner

Does your creative business need a planner?

Listen, I'm not a fan of telling anyone they "need" anything. Your business model is your business model but hear me out for a second...

How does your audience find you? And when they do, how likely are they to immediately invest in one of your bigger programs, courses, group coaching packages, 1:1 services, or offerings?

Having a low-risk way for your audience to buy from you and own a physical product you created builds buyer trust and confidence, and more importantly human connection.

The amount of DMs, conversations, and connections I've been able to have with humans because they bought one of my journals or planners has been a game-changer in my business and personal life, and Publish with Purpose Students experience this as well!

The journal you create can serve as the first step in a customer journey with your brand. It gives them the opportunity to experience what it's like to learn from you and implement your expertise.

And it creates another avenue for people to find you. People are eager to grow their bookshelves with high-value resources - why can't your idea be next?

Simone Samuels holding a proof of her Lunar Self-Care Journal she created inside Publish with Purpose. She now hosts regular Instagram LIVES that she repurposes into IGTV videos walking people through how to use her journal every month.

What's the best way to self-publish?

The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can self-publish these days! But there are numerous reasons I still use and teach Kindle Direct Publishing through Amazon.

1️⃣ Minimal upfront costs & no Kickstarter campaigns required to fund the planner of your dreams. I published my first planner for $50!

2️⃣ Zero inventory needed and print-on-demand shipping - all done for you!

3️⃣ No Amazon Sellers fees or point-of-sale taxes (seriously!). When you go through KDP, Amazon sets you up with a free listing right on their site where millions of people go daily to search for products they are looking to buy!

4️⃣ Complete creative control & a faster timeline than going through a traditional publisher

5️⃣ All profits are yours to keep! KDP is completely free to use and you won't pay a dime to ship your amazing creations around the world!


(Pictured Above) Christie's @writeitdownjournals journals she created in less than 60 days inside Publish with Purpose.

What's Inside Publish with Purpose:

MODULE 1 - Understanding Self-Publishing with KDP

We'll walk through how to setup your KDP account, complete your Tax Interview, setup your dashboard, and navigate the site.

MODULE 2 - Generate Your Profitable Planner Idea & Identify Your Outcomes & Objectives

In this section I'll walk you through generating your profitable high value journal or planner idea. You can watch this module or listen to the private podcast version on the go. You'll learn how to identify the outcomes and objectives of your journal and facilitate change.

MODULE 3 - Create Your Journal Outline

In this module we'll use the outline template to identify your planner structure, map out your content, and identify key components of your planner and page content.

MODULE 4 - Setup Your Planner in KDP & Make a Copy of Your Canva Templates

In this module you'll make a copy of your planner fast track templates. This includes the Canva planner template library & cover design files.

MODULE 5 - Design Your Planner Brand Board

I'll walk you through designing your planner brand board; selecting your colors, fonts, and where to find and license design elements.

MODULE 6 - Formatting & Design Tutorials for Canva & Keynote

In this module we'll jump into the fun part: Creating in Canva or Apple Keynote! I'll show you fun and easy ways to design and format your interior pages and quick tricks for streamlining the process.

MODULE 7 - Finalize Decisions & Design Files

Say goodbye to being stuck with planner decisions! Together we'll wrap up and finalize your planner content, design, keywords, categories, and description.

MODULE 8 - Outline Your Launch & Marketing Plan

In this module we'll use your Launch Templates & Swipe FIles to create a unique marketing and Launch plan for your planner!

MODULE 9 - Post Publishing Processes

From ordering proofs and author copies to KDP sales reporting and creating your Author Profile, we'll walk through these steps together and you'll be a planner publishing pro in no time!

MODULE 10 - Creating Epic Content for Recurring Journal Sales

In our last module we'll go over journal photography tools & ideas. I'll share swipe copy for ongoing journal and planner promotions and I'll walk you through prompts I've designed that will have your audience flocking to your planner over and over!

Meet Nicole, Author of The Write Habit Planner

Don't waste time trying to do it alone. I spent months being stuck, and with Sarah's course it got done within weeks.

I published my planner and thanks to the marketing advice sold dozens of copies within a week! And I received podcast guesting invites to promote it as "author of", which will help my writing coaching business.

I couldn't recommend the course highly enough. It wasn't just a turning point in getting my planner done. I enjoyed every second of the journey, felt connected to the community and Sarah, and gained massive confidence as an author and publisher.

-Dr. Nicole Janz , Author of The Write Habit Planner

*There is no guarantee that past student results can be replicated nor do we guarantee that you will see specific sales results.*


There is absolutely no way I would have ever considered publishing on my own. Publish with Purpose has given life to my dream of putting my work in the world.

All the logistics, the design tools, the systems. Publish with Purpose gave me the step-by-step know-how on each and every tool, system and requirement along with tremendous inspiration.

The Publish with a Purpose self-paced coursework is so thorough, honestly each module has been tremendous. If I had to pick the most helpful, hands-down it's Sarah! Her consistent communication and willingness to guide you to success has been life-changing for me.

The fast-track pocket planner course and templates inspired me to take action. While I have been slow-paced in my "big" journal publishing work, the pocket journal spurred my creativity and has given me the confidence boost I didn't know I needed.

I published a FREAKING Journal in a week!!!! WAHOOOOOOO

You will never regret joining the Publish with Purpose community. The value is incredible and I am getting returns on the investment that are not just monetary.

I did the THANG!! OMG, thank you so much Sarah.

-Alyssa Mullet, Author of the I Am Learning Pocket Journal

Meet Alyssa, Author of the I Am Learning Pocket Journal

Meet Robyn, Author of The Doing My Work Therapy Journal

You need a coach like Sarah in your life!! I typically shy away from self-paced online courses because you are left to your own devices to master new skills with minimal support or guidance from the course creator. This is NOT the case with Sarah! She is a hands-on coach! Just one email or Facebook message away, Sarah is there to support you every step of the way during Publish with Purpose. The weekly office hours were a game changer! In addition to content expertise, Sarah provided me with emotional support and helped me release thoughts and patterns that were holding me back from manifesting my journal. She is terrific in every way!

-Robyn Gobin , Author of The Doing My Work Therapy Journal

Meet Elizabeth, Author of Kindly Light Prayer Journal

I had wanted to create a planner for several years, and I had sketched out some ideas, but that is as far as I got! I felt really overwhelmed at the prospect and didn't really know where to start.

One of my biggest concerns was being able to figure out KDP. I had looked at it before, and I was completely frustrated with the complexity of each step. Publish with Purpose was such an incredible resource. Sarah has done an incredibly thorough job of documenting the entire process of publishing on KDP that it was manageable. She even explained concepts related to copyright that I had no idea about.

Sarah's ability to document a process and guide people through it is really unparalleled. She has mastered the KDP platform and generously shares what she learns, even as she gets updated information.

I loved the community aspect of the course! I was so inspired to see other creators making impactful products that they are passionate about, and I felt like I could share my process along the way and let others into my growth. That is no small thing! I felt supported and cheered on.

I created a 180-page journal that has garnished nearly 50 sales in the first week following its release! I have come away from the course with myriad other ideas for books and journals. I now have the tools to keep creating.

The course really is as wonderful as it looks online. It will boost your creative spirit and give you the tools to become the creator you dream of being!

I loved the live calls. I appreciated Sarah's incredible knack for ideating on the fly and helping to develop and encourage ideas. I loved hearing what other people are working on, too.

My goal was to earn back how much it cost to take the course, and I am nearly one third of the way there in a week after releasing my journal. I know it will take work to keep the journal afloat, but I am really grateful to have it out there and to continue to be able to serve others.

This class was so encouraging, Sarah! Thank you so much!

-Elizabeth Pinborough , Author of Kindly Light Prayer Journal

*There is no guarantee that past student results can be replicated nor do we guarantee that you will see specific sales results.*

⭐️ NEW! 30 Beautiful Curated Canva Fonts to Use in Your Planners & Journals

*Font names above have been changed to protect their identities 🤣

Meet Karan, Author of the Palo Planner

I didn't know where to start and I knew the process was much more involved than it appeared. I was worried that I would get frustrated and completely quit. The modules completely support the creative and practical process of publishing your own work.

The sense of accomplishment with the completion of each module. Using Sarah's tools to successfully put into writing what was in my head with purpose and meaning. I created and published a very niche planner that I hope will be helpful to many beginner Flamenco Dancers.

Module 3!!!! - thank goodness I had it as a resource. Formatting was challenging and I felt I had a pretty good handle on using Canva and graphics in general. I referred back to this Module at least a half a dozen times.

Do it! The value in Module 3 alone, will save you much time, money and frustration. Invest in yourself with Sarah's program.

I can't tell you how many times I said a little prayer of "Thank God, it's here" when I was having to reformat my cover, or format the pictures for "Inside Look". Whenever I came to a stumbling block, I would go back over the Modules and low and behold, my answer would be there.

I think what I appreciated the most, was Sarah's accessibility and considerate time she took with me on an individual basis. In those moments of doubt, having her as a back up, second set of eyes and positive influence was value that you don't consider until you need it.

-Karan Millan , Author of The Palo Planner & Compás: A must have study companion and guide to organize and manage your Flamenco Dance classes

Meet Alison, Author of the Essential Tumbler Planner!

I was a little overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I knew that I could probably figure out what I needed to do but didn't have the time or energy to commit to the project!

This course is set up to make sure you are 100% successful. I was at the very beginning stages with barely an idea and I was able to completely design and publish a planner I'm super proud of. This course takes you through EVERYTHING you need to know to get a planner published.

Formatting and the small details. Honestly, this course was so amazing & the templates were absolutely a life saver!

The templates were so great to save time & get me going quickly. I loved the zoom calls for support and accountability.

The zoom calls/fast track option was really helpful to get me moving and hold me accountable as well as get so much support and idea help with my planner.

I got my first 8x10 planner published on amazon!

I loved being able to share my screen and get ideas not only from Sarah but also the other group members. It was so great to feel validated in my ideas and really get an outside perspective of what I was creating. It was also super helpful to have the accountability to get things done.

Exceeded my expectations! I have spent a lot of money on programs and courses over the years and this was on of the top ones I've taken. Being able to walk away with something so tangible and the confidence to put my planner out there has been awesome. I knew I needed a way to save some time and energy and this did JUST THAT. I honestly probably wouldn't have ever made this planner with out the course.

-Alison Sullivan, Author of The Essential Tumbler Planner: A Tumbler Maker's Journal to Help You Bring Your Ideas to Life

Oh Hai! I'm Sarah Steckler!

I help you organize your brain and business so you can turn your ideas into journals and so much more! 

I believe that mindfulness is the key to living a life full of intention, self-awareness, and growth that allows us to take action from a place of ease rather than constant hustle. 

In the first year of self-publishing I sold 475 copies of my journals and planners resulting in over $4700 in sales. And while the money is nice, it was always about something bigger.

Creating the Mindful Productivity Guide & The Daily Productiivty & Brain Dump Book has allowed me to help people live more mindfullly productive lives, which is my biggest mission in my business.

If you decide to join me inside Publish with Purpose, I'll help you to do the same thing, bring your ideas to the hands and minds of the people who need them!

Meet Brittany, Author of Friendly F*cking Reminders

My biggest concern before enrolling was not knowing the "hows". I am not a super tech-savvy person so I was worried about formatting, KDP, and where to even begin! Publish with Purpose laid everything out like a clear road map that had my planner at the destination.

Honestly, all modules were helpful and I utilized every single one (some more than once)! The most helpful part was having a program that laid the roadmap on how to get to the end result. The weekly sprint calls were also a great addition to have!

I was able to launch my daily planner and have an INCREDIBLE launch! Ive already sold over 100 copies.

DO IT! This is such an amazing accomplishment and this program makes your publishing dreams a reality!

-Brittany Caffo, Author of Friendly F*cking Reminders: A 6-Month Daily Planner to Help You Get Your Shit Together

*There is no guarantee that past student results can be replicated nor do we guarantee that you will see specific sales results.*

Meet Becky, Author of the Music Student's Practice Journal (& Many More!)


Journal #4 is just days from being completed. I love that I have found my writing "purpose" with Publish with Purpose! I have had all these books I've wanted to do for years, but have really fallen in love with a workbook format and Publish with Purpose taught me how to do that.

Sarah is a fantastic teacher and cheerleader! I would encourage anyone to take the business or interest to the next level with PWP!

Putting my material in writing also really helped me to define and refine parts of my business. I would recommend PWP to anyone with the slightest writing "bug"! Also, the in-depth knowledge of keynote and Canva that I gained, has carried over into preparing other business documents and presentations.

The most helpful part was, without question, the weekly phone calls. They really helped me stay accountable. Plus the hearing what other people were doing, and then listening to Sarah's feedback was incredibly helpful.

-Becky Cain, Author of Music Student's Practice Journal and more

Meet Emily, Author of The Mindful Running Planner & Mindful Movement Check-Ins Pocket Planner!


I had no plans to self-publish before finding Publish with Purpose. :)

My biggest anxiety was how to narrow down my vision into something tangible and concrete, how to find the words for what I wanted to create. The weekly calls really helped me process what I was looking to create through expressing myself, my idea, and hearing others' plans.

The weekly calls were the most helpful part of PWP as it had me push myself and my idea out into the world by talking about it, and hearing others' talk about their ideas!

It was so fun to create with others who were passionate about their own ideas! Humans are brilliant!

I was able to develop my idea into something tangible, and self-publish Mindful Running Log and Planner, as well as launch my small business out into the ethos!

These were the biggest supports as I was able to connect with Sarah, and with others working on their ideas in a way that was supportive and grounding. This was where the real magic happened!

Watching replays gave me a chance to hear how others were applying and exploring their ideas, their projects, and hear how I could relate with all their feels!

There was plenty of support, options for finding answers to questions, and accountability that it covered all the areas of my expectations.

-Emily Mortensen, Author of Mindful Running: Log & Planner

Student Creations & Case Studies

Meet Amanda, Author of Client Calls Simplified & The Ambitious Freelancer Planner

I was able to accomplish so much in PWP. I am so excited about the journals I am creating this year and the journals I know I will publish in years to come. Seeing my stuff in my hands is one of the coolest experiences ever! 

- Amanda Cross, Author of Client Calls Simplified & The Ambitious Freelancer Planner

Meet Marisa, Author of the 90-Day Novel Planner

Before I started Publish with Purpose I had these ideas for journals and planners I wanted to create but it all felt very overwhelming to me. I am not a graphic designer. My favorite part of the course was that 1) I realized that I could do it and 2) I saw all of the easier ways to create what I wanted to create. The way the course was paced, it made it super easy for me to finish!

-Marisa Mohi, Author of The 90-Day Novel Planner

Meet Simone, Author of My Unstoppable Life Daily Journal: A Lunar Self-Care Kit for More Energy & Balance

Do this course!! It will get you from feeling overwhelmed and stuck in over-thinking about it and actually getting the book done with lots of support and guidance along the way to make it less scary and stressful. Sarah delivers so much useful content and helps you every step of the way to make your book a reality.

-Simone Samuels, Author of My Unstoppable Life Daily Journal: A Lunar Self-Care Kit for More Energy and Balance

Support, Resources, & Community

While the course content will be available to you instantly upon enrollment, we all know the difference it can make to have a community surrounding you who's also doing the work at the same time. Your journal idea is unique and your business is special, because of this, Publish with Purpose has been developed to provide you with ongoing support, feedback, and implementation strategies so you can take action and feel confident every step of the way.

Private Support Community

Ask questions in a welcoming and encouraging space of 100+ creatives! Get answers from other amazing planner publishers and creatives who are just as jazzed as you are to self-publish! Find me in there on the regular to answer your unique questions! From interior page designs to how to start talking about your journal for the first time, every question is welcome! You get to take full advantage of a space designed for creatives to thrive and showcase their ideas. You will learn SO much from the other students inside this space and they are going to learn so much from you!

LIVE Q&A Support Calls (+ replays)

Each year in the Fall I host a LIVE Implementation Round where we'll work through the materials together as a group. You'll get a Notion Template with our course pace schedule and you'll be able to join us on Zoom for our Q&A Calls. The best part? You'll have lifetime access to all replays and you can join these calls again and again as a student of the program. Many students have joined for ongoing calls again and again and have created more than one journal!

FAQ Database and ongoing course updates

You know when you have a super urgent question but it's 12am and you really really want an answer immediately but you know people who run programs also have to sleep? I created a solution for this! Inside Publish with Purpose I've created a completely self-serve system that allows you to search for and find answers to just about any question you might have about creating, formatting, uploading, and self-publishing your journal. For real!

Meet Laura, Author of Create Your Confidence Journal

Before Publish with Purpose, I wasn't sure where to start. The process of publishing felt complicated and daunting. Thankfully Publish with Purpose broke it down so that each step was clear and actionable. Publish with Purpose also gave me accountability, having someone to check in with throughout the process helped me stay committed and focused on my goal.

The level of support and accountability in Publish with Purpose cannot be overstated. It was so encouraging to have Sarah and the other members to ask questions and get inspiration from. It kept me accountable throughout the process

The live calls were the best part, as it got me excited about my journal each week and it helped me carve out time to dedicate to this project. If I missed a call or two, I still enjoyed watching the replays because I was still able to gain inspiration and clarity.

By going through Publish with Purpose, I was able to publish the Create Your Confidence Guided Journal: A Psychology-Backed Guide to Overcoming Insecurities and Learning to Love Your Body. But in addition to my published guided journal, I also gained a lot of confidence within myself through this process and I now have the knowledge and resources to publish even more journals in the future.

If you're considering self-publishing, you should absolutely give it a try. Creating something totally your own and later seeing people connect with what you created is such an amazing feeling. You'll have so much fun creating your journal and it won't feel intimidating at all once you get started. Give it a try, you don't have anything to lose and so much to gain.

Publish with Purpose went far beyond my expectations. I feel like I now have this resource that I can use for years to come. Well worth the investment in the long term.

Thank you for all your help, Sarah! I can tell you put a ton of work into this course and it really shows. I could not have done this without you. I can't wait to publish another journal!

-Laura Maloney, Author of Create Your Confidence Guided Journal

Meet Kelly, Author of the Enoughness Planner.

My biggest concern was staying on track as well as knowing how to do everything (KDP publishing, design work, etc.). Sarah has created such a robust resource with detailed answers to literally all of my questions. I loved the framework and accountability PWP gave me. I would never have been able to create and publish as quickly as I did without this course.

How to use Canva was of particular help to me. I had some knowledge, but the lesson and extras helped me a lot. And like I said before, the structure (particularly the Notion Template) was probably the biggest help to me.

DO IT!! This was a last-minute decision for me, and I'm so glad I joined this course. Sarah takes you through each and every step and is so generous with her time, energy and creative ideas. (Seriously, her head is full of more ideas than you can even begin to imagine!)

I attended all of the calls and found them very useful, both for getting my own questions answered and for listening to other people's processes. I got a lot of great ideas for my planner and marketing my planner in those calls.

Above and beyond. For real, Sarah, this is a spectacular course.

- Kelly Covert, Author of the Enoughness Planner: Cultivate Kinder Habits & Feel Good Enough Every Day

Meet Melanie, Author of The Outlaw Journal

I'd wanted to create a planner for many years, but it never felt like the right time. I was so uncertain about my business and my work that I was reluctant to create something so creative and full of energy. A few weeks before I joined PWP I'd had the idea of an Outlaw Journal... I wrote about the idea in my journal and explored what it could be and it got me excited to try it. I'm far more confident in my business, work and brand so it felt like a good time to invest my time and energy into publishing.

My concern was with myself rather than the process, I was worried that I'd overthink a lot of the work (and I did) or that I'd hold myself back from publishing the journal. PWP and the 60-day sprint held me accountable, helped me explore what I was working towards and what it could be. The live calls gave me so much light, support and many ideas for this journal and future journals. With Sarah's support and the detailed videos and support materials helped me think about not just the journal but also promoting, marketing and ongoing sales for the journal.

Within 60-days I published my Outlaw Journal and started a notebook collection (I used the notebook as a free gift during my pre sale). I'll also add that I accomplished something less tangible: I believed in my work even more, I also discovered a creative passion I didn't know I had and I've got the planner and journal bug!!!!

Self-publishing may feel intimidating but when you have PWP and Sarah in your corner it is far easier, and any concerns or questions we have about the process are covered inside PWP. I would encourage anyone who has the idea for a journal or planner to cut the learning curve because I feel like the investment is well worth it!

Sarah has thought about so many aspects of creating, publishing, and even marketing a journal, the modules and lessons are detailed without fluff and the live sprint calls create a wonderful community of creatives.

Publish with Purpose exceeded my expectations, I knew that I was committed to the experience and that I wanted to focus on this work during the live round but I was still nervous about whether I could do it. I found the investment manageable, especially because you get lifetime access to the course, and it seems like most people want to create multiple planners and journals once we get through the first one!

-Melanie Knights, Author of The Outlaw Journal: A Guided Journal for Entrepreneurs

Meet Regina, Author of The Make IF Make Sense Journal

I've had my online community for more than a decade, and in that time, I've had many people ask me when my book was coming out. Each time, I'd kind of laugh it off and think, "whenever some random publisher shows up to do it". I don't remember how I happened to see Sarah's Instagram posts, but after I did, I was so intrigued by her stance on social justice and her approachable thoughts on publishing, that I stuck around. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I knew it sounded more accessible than I'd previously thought.

I knew what kind of journal/book I wanted to create, but wasn't sure how to do it and whether or not I'd have the money to get it done in the way I preferred. When I saw the tools Sarah used, and that they were products I already had access to, I was so excited!

Each module was helpful and encouraging, but honestly it was Sarah herself that made everything flow. Her teaching style makes it sound less overwhelming, and she thoroughly explains how the KDP process works. I also really appreciated her explaining some of the technical pieces in a way that made sense, especially when it came to margins and cover design. Sarah is also extremely willing to help and will literally help students create the vision they're working towards.

The Live Calls were amazingly supportive and it was nice to have them help flesh out ideas or calm anxieties that may have arisen along the way.

Through the Publish With Purpose course, I was able to not only flesh out my journal idea, but actually allow it to evolve into a guided memoir that covers more than just tracking. I was able to build confidence in myself for designing the look, feel, and size of my own published product, and that feels incredible.

DO IT! You may feel like it's overwhelming and that you need something more to get started, but really this course proves you just need a good idea and a great support system.

LOVED the weekly calls. The people in my group were so creative and inspiring that it made me go back and elevate my own work when I was playing small.

Sarah also had a great way of helping hone in on an idea and really listen to the creative concerns of each person. I attended as many as I could, but I appreciated having the option to go back and watch. There were times that talking out my idea with the group helped me to think clearer, and it was truly helpful to go back and listen.

Everything was really great and Sarah had so many wonderful tool sites and resources that I've been able to use for even more than just this!

Thank you so, so, much for this. I know it sounds dramatic, but you're honestly changing lives with this work because each person you help encourage to write their book/journal sends a needed product out into the world and helps someone else. I could NOT have done this without your class. Thank you!!

-Regina Townsend, Author of The Make IF Make Sense Journal: Putting Words to the Feels of Infertility

Imagine a proof of your journal arriving in the mail...

Meet Wendy, Author of The Organize Your Mind Planner

Creating my own planner was something that I had wanted to do for a while but I just really didn't have the time to try to figure everything out all by myself. 

My biggest concern was whether my journal idea was any good and if anyone would be interested in it. The course helped me to get over those concerns and press forward. It was one of those things that I put on the back burner and told myself I'd try to do it "someday."

If you've ever wanted to create your own planner or journal, you will want to take this course. 

It covers all aspects of the self-publishing process, from how to fine-tune your journal idea, choosing a size for your journal, how to format and design your journal, and how to publish and market your journal. 

The content in the modules alone were amazing!

The accountability and support from Sarah and the other course members were invaluable to me in pushing me to keep working on my planner pages and hold me to my publishing schedule. 

On top of that, Sarah went way above and beyond to help me fix a technical issue that I was stuck on. 

Hands down one of the best courses I've taken!

I was able to create and publish my planner on Amazon in less than 60 days. 

I was able to take an idea that had been in my head for some time and turn it into a tangible, physical planner that I created. 

What a feeling!

-Wendy Neal, Author of Organize Your Mind: A 6-Month Priority Planner to Help Creative Thinkers Get the Right Stuff Done

Don't Let the "What ifs" Stop You!

I can already hear you saying these things, because I did the same thing...

What if NO one buys this?! 

What if I make a mistake or someone finds a spelling error? 

What if I get a 1 star review on Amazon? 

What if people DO buy it and THEN they hate it? 

The bigger question is, What if you DON'T do this? 

What if NO one ever gets to experience your ideas and your process?  

What if NO one ever gets to feel the same excitement you have for the pages you've created? 

What if you don't even give yourself the CHANCE to SEE what will unfold if you do this?! Aren't you curious!? 

Plus, as my students have discovered, any hiccups along the way are easily solved and tend to be "no big deal" once we tackle them together. 

You're in good company and if you decide to join us inside Publish with Purpose, you'll look back amazed at how much you've accomplished as you hold a physical journal YOU created!

Meet Laura, Author of the Positivity Planner

I went into Publish with Purpose with the idea to create a 2020 year planner. Throughout the course my idea changed into something better... The Positivity Planner. Because of Publish with Purpose, I created a planner more valuable and more unique than I had originally planned. 

The most helpful part of Publish with Purpose is having Sarah as our coach, she is truly amazing and the best coach I've ever had.

We all shared our ideas and supported each others journey. And of course, we had Sarah to answer any questions we might have. 

It was incredibly motivating to know that you're all working on your planner together, and to have these weekly calls to ask questions, share your work, get feedback and hear how everyone is getting on. 

Sign up! It's honestly so much fun. PWP made the entire process of self-publishing seem effortless. Sarah has so much useful information within her course and she's always available if you need help.

-Laura Beeson, Author of The Positivity Planner

Meet Ashley, Author of Bound & Determined: The 108 Day Happy As F*ck Habit Journal

You will not regret working with Sarah! I am forever grateful that I reached out to Sarah to have her help me with my journal! I had a journal in my head for 5 years and with her help I was able to create and publish my journal in less than 60 days! 

-Ashley Looker, Author of Bound & Determined: The 108 Day Happy As F*ck Habit Journal

Christie continues to create MULTIPLE journals
inside Publish with Purpose!

Meet Jessica, Author of the Magical Land of Color & Feelings

At first I felt like it was going to be simple because I had just discovered Canva and was experimenting with what was available. However, when it came time to actually publish on KDP I completely hit a wall. It was so confusing and I could not understand how to size my files to fit their dimensions. It was a mess! and I really felt like it was the end for this project because no matter what I tried or looked up I was always missing something or didn't have the knowledge of what I needed done.

I was very concerned with the sizing and how to use KDP. Sarah had a step by step process that visually helped me work through that. I am a visual learner and this was literally the best way for me to finally understand what to do!!

All the modules were amazing all of Sarah's resources were top notch! The best thing for me was the videos visually walking me through each technical process from the creation to the resizing and uploading to KDP.

I truly believe this was not only an investment for my business but for my own personal growth and self esteem. I felt so amazed when I finally published my workbook and I became so confident that I could do more and that this was only just the beginning. This was an investment truly in finding out what I was truly capable of doing and gaining confidence within myself to do more.

This entire course helped me become not only proficient with KDP but helped me realize that I am capable of so much more. I was given a confidence that I thought I would never have and the ability to understand a way of creating that I didn't think was possible for me. I am so grateful for the knowledge and community this course has given me and I am so happy I did it.

-Jessica Gentile, Author of The Magical Land of Color & Feelings


What cover, color & paper options will I have for my journal through KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to create paperback books in a variety of sizes (standard print sizes and even custom ones!) and choose between a glossy or matte cover finish. You can also decide on a black and white or color interior (although color will result in higher printing costs) and bright white or cream paper. Spiral Bound are not available at this time but the journals are high quality with bright white paper that works great for planners, workbooks, and anything you might want to create! 

BIG NEWS! KDP is now offering hardcover options! The course is currently being updated to include processes and tutorials for hardcover options! So exciting! (The photos below show 7x10 hardcover planners in both a matte and glossy finish with bright white paper)

Ink & Paper Options:

KDP allows you to create your journal with either bright white or cream interior pages with the following ink options:


  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) cream paper
  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) white paper
  • Premium color ink and 60# (90 GSM) white paper
  • Standard color interior with 55# (90 GSM) white paper


  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) cream paper
  • Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) white paper
  • Premium color ink and 60# (90 GSM) white paper

How is this course structured? Do I need to attend LIVE Calls?

The course is self-paced meaning that all materials are available to you instantly upon enrollment. When you enroll you'll get access to the membership area with all materials available to you to go through as fast (or as slow) as you'd like :)

Once a year in the Fall we run a LIVE Round of the course with Weekly Q&A Calls. These LIVE Calls happen via Zoom in addition to the on-demand materials. This is also a time to go through materials together with other students as a group and get to know other journal creators.

All of the calls are recorded and replays are added to your course library within 24 hours. You can always submit questions ahead of time if you can't make the call times.

As a student, you'd get access to all of these live sessions at no additional cost. Many students join each round for additional help and support and to hear ideas from other students. 

  • Call times are typically held on Tuesdays at 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM London
  • Replays are sent out same day

Feel free to jump in with us! Students get support for all stages of the process regardless of when you begin.

Will this course work for me if I'm outside of the US? What countries does KDP Support?

Yes! Students have published their planners from all over the world!

The KDP platform allows you to ship worldwide and you can publish your own journal from most countries. When you self-publish through KDP, your journal is eligible for global distribution, meaning it will appear on Amazon sites in Japan, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Canada, etc.

Here's a breakdown of Amazon Country Sites:

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Amazon.de
  • Amazon.fr
  • Amazon.es
  • Amazon.it
  • Amazon.co.jp
  • Amazon.ca

And the countries each supports: 

  • US Kindle Store: United States
  • UK Kindle Store: United Kingdom (including Guernsey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Jersey)
  • DE Kindle Store: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
  • FR Kindle Store: France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg
  • ES Kindle Store: Andorra, Spain
  • IT Kindle Store: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland
  • JP Kindle Store: Japan
  • NL Kindle Store: Netherlands
  • BR Kindle Store: Brazil
  • MX Kindle Store: Mexico
  • CA Kindle Store: Canada
  • IN Kindle Store: India
  • AU Kindle Store: Australia, New Zealand

Customers located in the available territories not listed here can purchase your book from the US Kindle Store, or Amazon.com.

So for example, if you published your journal in Spain, you'd set up your account through Amazon.es but your journal would also be listed on all of the above sites worldwide so you'd make sales from anywhere people make their purchase!

Please keep in mind that ever-changing international trade regulations, Brexit, and other barriers may exist that may make ordering proofs or author copies of your journal difficult. I cannot guarantee that your country will support shipping/receiving of materials to your home. Please check with your countries trade regulations if you have questions.

What kind of journals can I create with KDP?

The possibilities are truly endless! Students have created Plant Planners, Novel Writing Planners, Therapy Journals, Running Logs, Moon Phase planners, planners and journals for entrepreneurs, you name it! Inside PWP I'll help you come up with, fine tune, and choose an idea to move forward with along with everything you'll include inside your interior pages.

Can I use this course to self-publish a book or novel?

You can absolutely use the same process I teach to create & self-publish your novel and sell it on Amazon and several students have! However, this course focuses on creating actionable journals and planners and won't cover writing a book, creating a compelling story, editing, or anything to do with the writing process involved in writing a book.

How long will I have access to course materials?

You will have perpetual LIFETIME access to all program materials, live calls, and recordings, meaning that you can create journals and planners over and over again with the same support & process. I know, amazing!

Can you show me some examples of what interior pages can look like?

Absolutely! Here are a few shots of the interior pages from my Mindful Productivity Guide.

What software will we use to create my journal?

Publish with Purpose includes tutorials on how to use Canva (aff link) and Apple Keynote which are free to use. You are free to use Adobe or any other design software you choose but we focus on those two free tools.

Will you help me come up with (or fine-tune) my journal/planner idea?

YES! Inside Module one, I walk you Journal Idea Generation trainings and it will blow your mind. Students have told me that they started with one semi-focused idea and left the training with over 15 ideas for journals and planners! We will also walk through ways to implement your journal or planner idea into your business model to help drive sales throughout your business ecosystem! You'll never be alone in the process inside our Facebook Group. Tag me anytime for additional assistance!

How much does it cost to use KDP and self-publish my journal?

KDP is free to use and when you publish through them, your journal is listed for free right on Amazon! No sellers fees like Amazon Seller accounts require. In PWP, we'll be using Canva & Apple Keynote which are both free to use (keep in mind that advanced features in Canva require a pro account but a 14-day trial is available). Apple Keynote is free on Mac computers and in iCloud). Apart from any design elements you may wish to purchase, and proof copies you order before publishing to Amazon, your overhead to create your journal will be very minimal. I personally spent $50 to launch my original planner and most students spend about the same creating their journals.   

Does this course include Closed Captions (CC) / Subtitles on videos?

Yes! All of our videos within the course include CC that you can turn on or off. All videos have playback speed options as well.

Have another question I didn't cover?

Reach out to me anytime! I'm happy to help you make a decision and answer any questions you have about the program. You can reach out to me via DM on Instagram @sarahsteckler or shoot me a message using this form here -->

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Included when you join:

Whether you already have an incredible journal idea or need help coming up with one for your business, Publish with Purpose has everything you need to create, format, and self-publish a profitable and engaging physical product that will help people implement your ideas around the world!

  • Instant Perpetual (Lifetime) Access to All Course Materials, Trainings, Checklists, & Tutorials
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  • Perpetual (Lifetime) Access to the Support Facebook Group to discuss course materials, get additional help & support, and find other business besties.
  • Feedback/responses on your planner ideas and creation as you progress through the course.
  • A Growing Library of customizable pre-approved KDP Canva Interior Page Templates to kickstart your planner creation!
  • 🤩 NEW! (1) VA License Seat so your Virtual Assistant/employee can access materials with their own login and help you through the process as needed.
  • ⭐️ NEW! 30 Beautiful Curated Canva Fonts to Use in Your Planners & Journals
  • Bonus Trainings and Materials to help you host a planning party, have a successful planner launch, utilize Instagram Stories, and more!
  • Access to the Affiliate Program where you can make 30% commission for each sale!
  • Closed Captions (CC) / Subtitles on all videos with the ability to speed up or slow down playback speed.
  • Instant Perpetual (Lifetime) Access to All Course Materials, Trainings, Checklists, & Tutorials
  • 10 Super-Charged Modules With Everything you need to Create, Format, Self-Publish, and Launch your Journal in 60 days or Less!
  • Access to our LIVE Weekly Q&A Support Calls every time we run a LIVE Round!
    Enroll now to get started with instant access to all materials. Calls are open to any and all students regardless of when you enroll.
  • 💎 NEW! Access to our Pocket Planner & 8x10 Planner Creation Rounds & Fast Track Templates! Want to get your journal out there even faster? Full Canva template and step-by-step tutorials are now included so you can get your idea out into the world in a matter of days!
  • Access to all Call Replays
  • Perpetual (Lifetime) Access to the Support Facebook Group to discuss course materials, get additional help & support, and find other business besties.
  • Feedback/responses on your planner ideas and creation as you progress through the course.
  • A Growing Library of customizable pre-approved KDP Canva Interior Page Templates to kickstart your planner creation!
  • 🤩 NEW! (1) VA License Seat so your Virtual Assistant/employee can access materials with their own login and help you through the process as needed.
  • ⭐️ NEW! 30 Beautiful Curated Canva Fonts to Use in Your Planners & Journals
  • Bonus Trainings and Materials to help you host a planning party, have a successful planner launch, utilize Instagram Stories, and more!
  • Access to the Affiliate Program where you can make 30% commission for each sale!
  • Closed Captions (CC) / Subtitles on all videos with the ability to speed up or slow down playback speed.